CPI Website: SEP Embrace New Normality and Development Opportunity

    On February 13, 2015, Shanghai Electric Power held a work conference and the second seven workers' congress, to convey the guidelines of the group company to carry out the group’s strategy, summarize the work accomplishment in 2014, analyze the challenge ahead and make plans of 2015.

    In 2014, SEP continued to make great efforts to invest in production safety and environment protection;promote structural adjustment, layout optimization, transformation and upgrade; and fulfill the annual objectives and tasks set by the group. Thus, profit and net profit of 2014 has created new historic heights continually for consecutive four years, ensuring the preservation and appreciation of state assets.As one candidate for National Civilized Units, SEP has made itself open to the public supervision. SEP has earned the titles of 2014 Outstanding Contribution Unit in China’s Reform and China’s Most Respected Units with Investment Value.

    In the setting of "new normal"economic development in China in 2015, the societyand the Group begin to pay great attention to the reform of the power system and the state-owned enterprise reform and the principle of “rule by law” in enterprise. SEP will continue to boost strategic transformation, carry out performance-oriented strategy and improve the utilization of innovation management tools. In order to promote sustainable development, SEP will strive to achieve strategic restructuring and human development, and comprehensively strengthen Party discipline and the enterprise.

    This year, SEP will comprehensively fulfill the requirements of ‘steady growth, reform promotion, corporate governance and objective securing’ set by the group and the strategic plans made by Shanghai government. SEP will actively adapt to the new normality, unswervingly adjust the structure, optimize the layout and boost transformation and upgrading, make efforts to strengthen lean management, reform and innovation. SEP will pay great attention to the implementation of “rule the enterprise by law”, “comprehensively strengthen enterprise discipline”, adhere to the principle of ‘development, profit and harmony’, strive to increase profit and expand development scale and continually improve management and working style, thus laying a solid foundation for developing into a world-class energy enterprise. The following will be the priority: strengthenlaw compliance, security and environmental protection; accelerate the development and optimization of structural layout;continuereform and innovation and enhance business performance; and promote “rule the enterprise by law” and promote righteousness.

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