The First Phase of Divisional Cadre Training 2014 was Held in SEP

     According to the company’s strategic system and the aim of "a world-class energy companies', SEP is developing plans on ‘making use of markets and resources both at home and abroad" and trying to build an international company. In order to develop in a healthy, rapid and sustainable way and ensure the strategic objectives to be achieved, SEP needs to have outstanding talents skilled in operation and management who can meet the requirements of company development and modern management. The divisional cadre training 2014 shall focus on leading talent training.  In order to accomplish the annual critical tasks, on the basis of cadre trainings in the past two years, guided by the competency model, SEP continues to focus on improving quality and ability of cadres. The HR decided to hold four phases of divisional cadre trainings from November 25 to December 19.

     From November 25 to 28, the first phase of divisional cadre training was held in CPI Superior Training Center as scheduled. Chairman Wang Yundan delivered a lecture named “How to be A Good Cadre in New Situation”. Starting with SEP development strategy of international company, he analyzed the existing policy environment, regional planning and the Group’s requirements, interpreted the company's international strategic and development goals in the coming years and the focus of development. Secondly, facing the ‘common situation’ of power industry, he motivated cadres to have a global vision, the courage to undertake responsibility, make innovation manage their teams. Also, Chairman Wang Yundan describes the lean management philosophy in Taiwan enterprises and stressed that the SEP is now gradually enabling a number of advanced management tools, such as: KPI, ERP, BPR and QHSE. Then he said the current critical task of SEP is to absorb the essential of lean management and make the most of these sophisticated management.

    This round of training was rich in content and involved Business Model Innovation in the Era of Big Data, Business Management Drove by Lean Management and Chinese Enterprises’ Internationalization Strategy Management. In addition, the minor courses included Chinese Culture and the Life Wisdom in Chinese medicine.

    The training focuses on improving the carders’ management capacity. On this basis, this phase of training pays more attention to enabling cadres to better strategic thinking. Especially in the class of Business Model Innovation in the Era of Big Data, all the cadres wondered at the miracle made by the Internet and they all agreed that the Internet thinking is a must in the future competition. Besides, during the lectures about lean management made by expert from Taiwan, the expert shared a story--- the world's largest APP paper company increased its efficacy after adopting lean management, and told the cadres the importance of lean management.

    After the training, the all the cadres expressed their decision to have firm confidence, broader horizon, innovative management concept and idea and try to achieve the goal of “building another SEP in 2020”.  (Department of Human Resources)

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