Shanghai Electric Power has won the Group Award and multiple Individual Awards in the competition on steam turbine main body maintenance, held by the group

From August 21st to 30th, the Competition on Steam Turbine Main Body Maintenance of Group Company was held in the technology training center. Li Zhiming, Deputy Director of HR Department of the Group and the Deputy Director of Competition Organizing Committee; Yang Daiying, Deputy Division Chief; Su Xiangyu, represent of Labor Union; Liao Xueqin, Deputy Director of Group Advanced Training Center; and Xing Lianzhong, Deputy General Manager of Shanghai Electric Power, have attended the competition. 8 teams formed by members of all the subunits of the group company have participated in the fierce competition; Shanghai Electric Power has won the Best Group Award, with three team members wining the First-class Award, Second-class Award and Third-class Award respectively, namely Wang Jing, Jiang Xichun and Pan Hong. Shanghai Electric Power has won the Outstanding Organization Award.

This competition has fully demonstrated the importance to strengthen the team construction of skilled talents, because talents are the important guarantee of the group to implement the Three-step Development Strategy, and the basis of safety production and economic benefit growth. The competition has acted as the typical model to motivate public employees to initiatively learn technology and become the talents of their positions; besides, through the competition, excellent employees have been chosen, and the training of employees has been promoted; the theoretical level and practical operation ability of employees have been further enhanced, leading to the talent team construction being comprehensively propelled.

During the process of the competition, competitors were training very hard; workers of skill training center have devoted themselves, for instance, workers of technology and equipment support team were the first ones to come and the last ones to leave, they were in charge of equipment maintenance and adjustment and ensuring the fair competition, highly praised due to their enthusiastic and good service. (Shot by Fu Hangwen/Cao Min)

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