SPIC Website: Tianji Power Plant Wins Awards in National Unit Competition of 2017

Recently, China Electricity Council (CEC) unveiled the winning result of national thermal power unit efficiency benchmarking and competition of 2017, and all the three units of Tianji Power Plant entering for the competition won prizes, among which Unit 4 and Unit 2 were granted AAAAA level of 600 MW-class ultra-supercritical and supercritical wet cooling unit competitions respectively, and Unit 3 won the AAAA level prize of 600 MW-class ultra-supercritical wet cooling unit competition, indicating that the power plant has won prizes for four consecutive years since the phase-II project was put into operation.


As a coal-electricity integration power generation project, Tianji Power Plant has fully leveraged the advantages of steady electricity market, stable coal supply and excellent talent team, overcome all kinds of adverse factors such as fewer utilization hours of units than before and decreasing load rate year by year, adhered to the concept of "increasing benefit through management, technology and innovation", centered on energy conservation and emission reduction, taken benchmarking management as the entry point, focused on creating first-class indicators, strengthened fundamental management and tapped into internal potential, which enabled all of its economic indicators to keep ranking among the best of similar units.


Meanwhile, two papers titled "Enhancement heat transfer rehabilitation research on water-air distribution in cooling tower of 600 MW unit" and "Exploratory research on raising pulverizer outlet temperature for coal-fired boiler burning bituminous coal" from the power plant both won the second prize in the annual selection of outstanding papers by CEC.

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