SPIC Website: SPIC Jiangsu Company's Total Installed Capacity Exceeds 3000 MW

At 4:57 pm, June 4, 2018, the 53 wind turbine generator of Binhai North Area H2# 400 MW Offshore Wind Power Project was connected to the grid successfully, indicated that the total installed capacity of SPIC Jiangsu Company reached 3000 MW, and also marked another milestone established on the road of realizing the objective of "ranking among the best in SPIC with comprehensive strength" as the Party committee of Jiangsu Company has been implementing the "124" working concept under the leadership of SPIC Party leadership group.


In recent years, thanks to the leadership and support of SPIC Party leadership group, the Party committee of Jiangsu Company led all the cadres and employees to pay attention to development, relied on their own efforts to persist in clean and low-carbon development, started from scratch in Jiangsu featured with severe competition in energy industry, had the courage to think, act and carry out pilot projects, strove to catch up with those forerunners, and has achieved a series of innovation and development results and outstanding operational performance, which has received full recognition and wide acclamation from inside and outside SPIC and all sectors of society.


Jiangsu Company initiated the construction concept for fishery-PV hybrid power project in China, and completed the construction of a fishery-PV hybrid power plant in Jianhu county and put it into operation, which has become a major form of PV power generation in China; the company completed the construction of the first new energy remote centralized control center in China in the center of Yancheng city; the 200 MW Binhai Onshore Wind Power Project Phase I was completed for four months and 25 days, creating the shortest record for the construction period of onshore wind power project; the company put forward the goal for coal-fired units to reach the emission standard of gas-fired units creatively, and contributed to the successful implementation of 2x1000 MW ultra-supercritical coal-fired power generation units for Phase I Binhai Thermal Power Project in Binhai port of Yancheng, which realized smooth commercial operation for both units in 2017 and won the "High-quality Project Award in Chinese Electricity Industry for 2018"; the company completed SPIC's first offshore wind power project, Binhai North Area H1# 100 MW Offshore Wind Power Project, and put it into operation with the lowest construction cost and shortest construction period in China, which created the benchmark for the similar projects and became the only wind power project in China to win the "Gold Award for National High-quality Projects" so far; the technical route for "Thermal Power Units at 630℃" was born in the company, which was determined as the demonstration technical route for China's thermal power generation by the National Energy Administration.


In the past few years, the installed capacity put into operation by Jiangsu Company has witnessed explosive growth, with the total installed capacity increasing 150 times over the past eight years. The company's profit also jumped exponentially, reaching RMB 538 million in 2017, and the total assets arrived at RMB 23.1 billion. In addition, the company has been improving its Party-masses work gradually, and was awarded "May 1 Labor Certificate" in Jiangsu province and the title of "Advanced Company for Hardworking Culture" in SPIC. The sense of happiness and the sense of gain among all the cadres and workers have also been enhancing continuously.


In the next step, Jiangsu Company will continue to follow the leadership of SPIC leadership group, guard against arrogance and impetuosity, keep up the good work, adhere to the "124" working concept, further consolidate and expand the achievements of the company's production, operation and development, push forward newer and greater development continuously, and assist in SPIC's construction into a world-class energy group with global competitiveness with more excellent performance.

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