SPIC Website: SEP Passes AAA Credit Rating by CEC Re-evaluation

Recently, China Electricity Council (CEC) followed the industry standard of Electricity Industry Credit Evaluation Standard, and conducted a re-evaluation on the enterprise credit of SEP. Through a comprehensive evaluation on the company's credit standing in the past three years, CEC maintained that SEP would remain the highest enterprise credit rating of AAA.


Since 2008, CEC has been carrying out credit evaluation work in the electricity industry. At present, all the electricity enterprises granted AAA credit rating by CEC have been regarded as model enterprises in honesty, trustworthiness and operation according to laws and regulations. Especially after Ministry of Commerce and SASAC jointly issued the opinion on further improving industry credit evaluation work, CEC has been actively the practical application of industry credit evaluation result in a number of fields including administrative licensing, qualification confirmation, government procurement, bidding and tendering and policy support, which better reflected the market and social value of evaluation result. Therefore, another AAA credit rating will assist SEP in speeding up the "Four Further Transformations" and realizing the goal of "building a world-class energy enterprise with global competitiveness first within SPIC" soon.

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