SPIC Website: Caojing Power Plant Passes National Electricity Industry Quality Award Review

Recently, Caojing Power Plant passed the assessment of National Electricity Industry Quality Award smoothly, which became the only power generation enterprise to receive the honor in 2017, according to China Electricity Council (CEC).


Performance excellence model is a widely-accepted comprehensive performance management model in the world at present. The model could effectively help an organization improve its management level and enhance competitive advantage effectively, also regarded as "a roadmap for a successful organization" internationally. National Electricity Industry Quality Award is the highest industry prize for those electricity enterprises executing performance excellence model and achieving outstanding results in safety, quality, economy, society, etc.


Caojing Power Plant has been firmly implementing the spirit of general secretary Xi Jinping's important remark on "establishing the strong awareness of quality first and making utmost efforts to improve quality comprehensively", always considering quality system construction as the enterprise's basis for survival and development. Having won the honor of "advanced enterprise in performance excellence implementation of Shanghai" in 2016, the power plant continued to focus on various work including introduction of performance excellence model, diagnosis of current management in performance excellence model and preparation of self-evaluation report for electricity quality award, passed the site assessment by the CEC panel successfully, and was granted the title of National Electricity Industry Quality Award as approved by the review committee.


The power plant will carry on implementing the new requirements on quality development in the report of the 19th CPC National Congress, closely integrate with SEP's various new measures on lean management, and push forward quality system construction at a deeper level, in order to make new contributions in quality management for the company.

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