SPIC Website: Caojing Cogeneration Honored Customer Satisfaction Award of National Service Project on Implementing Customer Satisfaction in 2017

On November 22, 2017, Satisfied China Annual Meeting of 2017 and Information Release Conference on China National Customer Satisfaction Index (CNCSI) was held in Ningbo, Zhejiang province, which was sponsored by China Association for Quality and China National Customer Committee. At the meeting, Caojing Cogeneration, a subsidiary of SEP, was honored "Customer Satisfaction Award" of "National Service Project on Implementing Customer Satisfaction in 2017", which became the only power generation enterprise in China to win this award.


National Project on Implementing Customer Satisfaction, as a social quality program launched by China Association for Quality in 1996, is designed to center on corporate products and market consumption, promote the quality spirit of "customer satisfaction, honesty and trustworthiness, innovation and development, pursuit of excellence", advocate the craftsmanship spirit of being careful and conscientious and constantly striving for perfection, and create a quality-sharing atmosphere such that everyone creates and enjoys quality through a series of industrial customer requirement survey, quality evaluation and relevant activities.


Caojing Cogeneration has always been following the spirit of the important remark made by general secretary Xi Jinping on quality and implementing the deployment of SEP on strengthening quality management solidly in its electricity and steam supply and services, improving quality management system and promoting quality construction continuously. In 2016, the power plant was awarded "Advanced Company of Project on Implementing Customer Satisfaction in Shanghai" by Shanghai Association for Quality.


In 2017, the power plant further implemented the spirit of the documents including Made in China 2025 and the guidance of CPC Central Committee and State Council on carrying out quality improvement action, took the third-party quality appraisal system as the starting point, and enabled the quality evaluation certification to enhance from pursuing "percent of qualification" to "degree of satisfaction". Thanks to the recommendation of Shanghai Association for Quality, the power plant participated in the national contest, and won the award successfully following several rounds of selection including market user evaluation and expert review.


At present, Caojing Cogeneration is taking winning the award as the opportunity, actively responding to the requirement of "constructing a powerful country of quality" raised by the 19th CPC National Congress, continuing to strengthen and deepen quality management, improving customer service quality comprehensively, and striving to make new achievements for SEP's quality management work.

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