SPIC Website: SEP Operation Honored 'Outstanding Company' in National 'Ankang Cup' Competition

Recently, SEP Operation was honored the title of "Outstanding Company" of National "Ankang Cup" Competition for mass production safety activities in checking hidden danger and preventing accidents, while Shen Weiping from the company's labor union won the title of "Outstanding Organizer".


In recent years, SEP Operation labor union has been promoting "Ankang Cup" Competition with HSE department, actively building related platform, positively organizing and mobilizing all the staff to participate in the event according to the requirement of All-China Federation of Trade Unions and State Administration of Work Safety, enhancing the staff's ability and initiative to identify hidden danger through various forms such as "identifying hidden trouble from the picture" and "snapping picture of hidden danger randomly", in order to achieve the goal of "checking hidden danger nearby, securing safety of employees and promoting enterprise development" and further consolidate the foundation of production safety work, which enabled the company to become one of the 60 winners of "Outstanding Company" in National "Ankang Cup" Competition.

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