SPIC Website: SEP Granted AAA Rating from CCXR Again

Recently, China Chengxin Securities Rating Co., Ltd. (CCXR) conducted follow-up analysis on the credit status of SEP's corporate bonds issued in 2012 ("12 Shanghai Electric Power Bonds").


Since 2016, the installed capacity of SEP has continued to increase, with the power structure keeping optimized; the company further expanded its overseas layout and kept improving its international competitiveness; despite power tariff reduction and coal price rises, the company remained fairly good in its overall operation situation with strong profit-making capability. In conclusion, CCXR maintained its rating of AAA on the company's corporate credit rating with a stable outlook, and also remained its AAA rating on "12 Shanghai Electric Power Bonds".


CCXR is among the first batch of credit rating organization members of Securities Association of China. SEP has been granted the highest rating of AAA by CCXR every year since it floated "12 Shanghai Electric Power Bonds" in 2012.

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