Ministry of Commerce Website: Maltese Prime Minister, Energy Minister Visit SEP Montenegro Wind Power Project

From January 11-13, Maltese Prime Minister Joseph Muscat and Minister of Energy and Conservation of Water Konrad Mizzi, together with Montenegro government officials, inspected the Mozura Wind Power Project site in Montenegro during the prime minister’s official visit to the country, accompanied by General Manager of SEP Malta Holdings Ltd. Sheng Baojie. As the investor’s representative, SEP International Renewable Energy Development Ltd. (SEP Renewable Energy), a joint venture between SEP (70% shareholding) and Enemalta (30% shareholding), introduced to the delegation of Muscat the basic information and construction agenda of the project as well as the significance to Montenegro’s local economy and social development after commercial operation.

The Mozura Wind Power Project is a derivative project under the SEP-Enemalta power investment package agreement. Located in the Mozura mountain area in the south of Montenegro, the project is scheduled to install 23 units of 2MW wind turbines designed and produced by the Chinese wind turbine manufacturer Envision Energy, with a total installed capacity of 46MW. The project is estimated to commence construction in April 2016, and go into operation on December 31, 2017, with annual electricity generation of 101.2 GWh.

Muscat expressed great satisfaction with the whole construction process. He highly praised the important role of the Montenegro Wind Power Project in improving the relationship between Malta and Montenegro, and reiterated that Enemalta, following the introduction of SEP, a strategic partner with both economic and technological strength, has turned around successfully from a state-owned company on the verge of bankruptcy, and become capable of participating in the development and investment of new energy projects in the Europe market, which is a good reference to the other SOEs in Malta. He noted that the project had been listed as a cooperation project between Maltese and Montenegro governments, and would be granted with full support. He also hoped the project to be put into production as soon as possible.

On January 13, General Manager Sheng Baojie met with Ambassador Cui Zhiwei at the Chinese Embassy in Montenegro. The commencement ceremony of the project will be one of the celebration events of the 10th anniversary of diplomatic relations between China and Montenegro.

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