SEP Quickens Pace in New Energy Layout, Joining Hands with Envision Energy

SEP signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Envision Energy to the effect that both sides would explore new co-op models and fields while seeking investment in tech companies leading frontier technologies with both innovative and high growth potentials and covering areas such as intelligent charging piles, energy storage technology, smart city and smart grid, announced the company on Tuesday, February 23.


According to the announcement published on the website of Shanghai Stock Exchange, SEP and Envision Energy would leverage their respective advantages in technology, market, capital, finance, management and branding based on the win-win principle of interest and risk sharing, carry out all-round cooperation in wind power, PV and other new energy fields, in the hope of building a model of powerful alliance between Chinese enterprises in technology, capital and branding in the process of “going out” as well as creating a new energy asset development and management benchmark with the greatest competitiveness and influence in the world.


Founded in March 2008, Envision Energy has a registered capital of 35 million US dollars. As a technological pioneer in global wind power equipment, the company has completed its global strategic layout in Denmark, United States, Germany, Mexico, Japan as well as domestic market including Wuxi, Shanghai, Beijing and Nanjing, with both its R&D and technological level hold leading positions in the world.


SEP believed the signing of the cooperation agreement would help build a stable collaboration between the two companies, giving full play to their own advantages in business cooperation as important strategic partners, in order to improve the overall development and management efficiency of new energy projects, with a positive significance in further speeding up new energy development, optimizing power source structure and increasing profitability.

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