SPIC Website: SEP Mulls Sustainable Development Plan of 2016

To fully implement the spirit of symposium for SPIC major responsible persons, SEP proactively follows the general theme of the 13th Five-Year Plan of SPIC proposed by Chairman Wang Binghua and makes plans for long-term mechanism of sustainable development. On December 29, 2015, SEP held a conference participated by major responsible persons within the company.

The conference conveyed the spirit of the speeches by SPIC Chairman Wang Binghua and President Meng Zhenping at the symposium for SPIC major responsible persons.

The conference summarized the work completed and achievements obtained by the company in 2015. The leaders and workers of SEP succeeded in over-fulfilling the operation and management targets set by SPIC and realizing the annual performance goals of SPIC, and maintained constant profit growth and fast development for five successive years with self-devotion and hard work to overcome such difficulties as electricity market downturn and average on-grid price falls. The company’s asset structure has been further improved, with financing costs lower, profitability of the service sector strengthened and the corporate operation more stable and healthy. According to the development guidelines of “becoming a leading company based in Shanghai, thriving in China and excellent worldwide”, SEP keeps development of both domestic and overseas market while its principal business and service industry have advanced to a new level. Despite less than 1.5% of the company’s overall installed capacity, its overseas projects contributed more than 10% net profits for the company. With perfection of the company’s management system, lean management activities have made substantial achievement. Meanwhile, the company carried out special education on “Three Stricts and Three Honests” and started to present a new look, with “Uprightness and Harmonious Atmosphere” as well as “Three-thousand” hardworking spirit prevailing in the company.

The conference also clarified the main tasks for 2016. Under the strong leadership of SPIC leading Party group, guided by the development concept of “innovation, coordination, greenness, openness and sharing” proposed in the Fifth Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee, SEP will resolutely implement the new strategies and new conception of SPIC and carefully mull over its development direction and roadmap. The company will focus on the following five areas: Firstly, with guidance of the strategic positioning of SPIC to transfer into a comprehensive energy supplier, strive to become the pioneer of the group company. Secondly, strengthen security management, reinforce performance evaluation and accountability mechanism on leaders at various levels, in order to ensure sustained improvement of the company’s security situation. Thirdly, further enhance the company’s human resource management, conform to the changes of SPIC’s assessment system and further perfect the performance evaluation system based on EVA value creation. Fourthly, fully implement the “dual responsibilities on the same position” system and strictly comply with the Party discipline and “Three Importance and One Greatness” policy-making system. Fifthly, deeply promote lean management improvement activities, stick to problem-oriented principle, combine innovation with management reform and give full play to management advantages.

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