SPIC Website: SEP Dingji Coal Slime Drying Project Passes Anhui Provincial Sci-tech Achievement Appraisal

On December 28, 2015, the Science and Technology Department of Anhui Province held an Appraisal Conference of Sci-tech Achievements in Huainan City. The conference was for assessing the sci-tech achievement of “Practical Application of Mine Gas Utilization Technology in the Coal Slime Drying Project”, for which Shanghai Hemei Energy & Technology Company provided the integrated technology and was in charge of the EPC contract.

The project adopted the TFRR technology with self-developed low-concentration (less than 1.2%) gas oxidation device for making high-temperature flue gas, which would be mixed with the generator set exhaust gas for drying the coal slime. The integrated innovation developed the low-concentration mine gas oxidation technology to make high-temperature wind and a complete set of equipment for coal slime drying system.

The system has maintained safe and stable operation for 70 consecutive days with production of 60,000 tons of coal slime. Water content of the dried coal slime product is around 14% with the calorific value around 3000kal/kg, which meets the requirements for the boilers’ blending combustion at SEP Tianji Power Plant. The successful commercial operation of the project will bring good economic benefits for Huaihu Electric Power Company.
The Appraisal Commission highly praised the innovation significance and promotion value of this project, and unanimously approved the appraisal. The overall technology level of the project has reached domestic leading level.

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