State Power Investment Corporation WeChat Platform: @ Shanghai Electric Power you have a Letter of Thanks from Chinese Embassy in Turkey, please check!

Attention, please, little partners of the State Power Investment Corporation!


Recently, Group Corporation Shanghai Electric Power received a Letter of Thanks from Chinese Embassy in Turkey!


As a member of the State Power Investment Corporation.


Are you especially interested in what is said in the letter?


Especially want to know why the Embassy sent an urgent letter to express gratitude?


Let’s look together!


This is how the story goes!---

From Nov. 15 to 16, G20 Summit that attracted extensive attention was held in Antalya, Turkey. When the employees of Shanghai Electric Power participating in Atlas Project in Turkey prepared to return to China after successful completion of works there, they received an invitation from the Chinese Embassy in Turkey to coordinate with the Embassy in security work for G20 Summit. Personnel of the project department completed security task for G20 Summit successfully, were highly accepted by Chinese Embassy in Turkey, won glory for Shanghai Electric Power.

On Nov. 26, Chinese Embassy in Turkey sent a Letter of Thanks to Shanghai Electric Power, expressed gratitude to Shanghai Electric Power Turkey Atlas Operation & Maintenance Project Department for assisting the Embassy in relevant work for G20 Leaders’ Summit in Antalya, Turkey.

 The letter said; “in order to assist our Embassy in works related to President Xi’s delegation, the leaders of your Turkey Atlas Operation & Maintenance Project Department attached great importance, dispatched 31 comrades to Antalya for relevant work. They made nothing of hardships, travelled thousands of miles, overcame many difficulties, completed the task successfully, made important contribution to safe and successful attendance of President Xi’s delegation in the Summit.”


In 2013, Shanghai Electric Power undertook Turkey Atlas Power Station Operation & Maintenance Project. Staff of the project department carried forward the “Three Thousand Spirit” of thousand of difficulties, thousand of words, thousand of means actively, united as one, overcame many difficulties, completed the goal of “Two in Operation” successfully, put two units of the power station into operation simultaneously at the end of 2014 with their consummate technology and fine management, so brand reputation of the company has been extended in Middle East market, provided platform for follow-up cooperation between China and Turkey in energy construction field.

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