China Power Website: SEP Actively Build Cadre Team Advance with Times

It is said that the speed of the sheep flock is determined by head of the sheep. In recent years, SEP attaches great importance to the training of middle and senior management staffs in the enterprise including backup cadres, takes the problem-oriented cadre training as an effective platform to implement deployment strategic of SPIC and promote new development of SEP, which effectively enhances core competitiveness of the company.


From 2012 to 2015, SEP successively holds cadre training courses themed “Interpretation of the company development strategy”, “Staff performance system based on EVA value management, promotion on thinking and operation practice”, “How to be a good cadre under new situations”, “Keep improving and end with perfection”, major leaders of the company personally teach lessons and give lectures, at the same time invite well-known scholars and experts to deliver special subject speeches, the content cover big data, Internet plus, nuclear power development trend etc, which widens visions of the trainees. In recent four years, such cadre training and education form has become a normalized mechanism.


At the cadre training just ended in 2015, major leaders of SEP delivered five hours speeches concerning “Comprehensive lean management increases and promotes SEP development under new normal situations”, successively interacted with four groups of middle level cadres in five aspects including current status and development vision of the company, challenges and countermeasures under new normal situations, new opportunities brought by the new group, comprehensive lean management enhancement of SEP, the requirements for cadres. He requires the cadres at all levels to integrate quickly, implement tasks of SPIC, put the role of leadership into practice.


The strategic goal of State Power Investment Corporation and truggle objectives of SEP “To construct an innovative, international energy enterprise group”, s ”To reconstruct a Shanghai Electric Power by 2020”, greatly inspire the passion of the trainees. On the other hand, trainees could also feel the difficulties in development and transition practically, when faced with new problems to be solved by power enterprises under new normal situations, especially the challenges in overseas profit development, With full accurate data, practical cases, specific challenges experienced in both domestic and foreign development process, as well as various opportunities with great efforts, the trainees further recognize the significance of “capability enhancement, value creation” for SPIC, and also the mission of the company and staffs.


Encourage striving and advocate struggling. The foundation lies in staffs, the key is whether cadres practically play the role of leadership. The purpose of the cadre training courses of SEP in recent four years, surrounding central task of SPIC, is to cultivate backbone cadres in production and operation. SEP will positively contribute to the development of SPIC in both domestic and overseas markets with the concept of “Be as flexible as water adaptive to the environment, end with perfection in good faith”.

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