China Power Website: SEP Accelerates ERP Project Online

On September 8, 2015, with the command “Official Entry of Business Data” issued by SEP ERP project work group, the business personnel of six second-phase promotion companies, namely, Changxing Gas-fired Power Generation, Luojing Power Plant, New Energy Shangzhen Jinhu, Shangzhen Gaoyou, Shangsu Dongtai, and Shangdian Tiantaishan, realized the circulation of business data successfully in the official ERP environment, which marked the official online operation of SEP ERP project second-phase asset operation plate.

On that day, the above six companies conducted a total of 49 transactions via ERP system, the five major modules, i.e. project, finance, equipment, material and contract, ran normally as a whole, with all business data generated accurately without error, realizing successful online operation as scheduled.

As the optimization and promotion of SEP ERP first-phase project, the second-phase ERP project inherited good practice of first-phase project, carried forward SEP’s initiative and innovative spirits, put heads together on the optimization scheme, overcame difficult technical problems, and effectively solved “climate sickness” problem of second-phase companies in reproducing and promoting first-phase achievements. The second-phase project was implemented officially from March 31, 2015, lasting over 5 months, totally 161 days, and completed various milestone tasks, such as detailed proposal design of business systems, system development and unit test, preparation of master data, system integration test, user acceptance test, end user training and dynamic data import. According to the statistics, during the second phase, totally 235 functions were optimized for the project, equipment, material, contract and finance modules, 768 main operation flows of the six companies were normalized uniformly, and 1294 approval processes were personalized. So far, all the preset tasks and key nodes have been completed on time with guaranteed quality and quantity, achieving the desired effect.
Successful online operation and application of SEP ERP project second-phase asset operation plate marked another important milestone of SEP ERP construction process. In the next stage, SEP ERP project team will persist in the “Three-thousand Hardworking Spirit”, speed up the implementation of service plate according to the top design result of service plate, while going all out to make comprehensive planning and performance analysis system in the meantime.

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