SPIC Website: SEP Goes All Out to Improve Lean Management

SEP carried out lean management improvement to accelerate the construction of world-class energy enterprise, starting from 13 special implementation plans, from top to bottom, with 6 key enterprises going and trying beforehand, going all out to promote lean management improvement.
Since 2015, SEP has started from cultivating lean management backbones, having cultivated and reserved talents for carrying out key tasks of lean management improvement. Lean management backbone training provided theoretical basis and example evidence for implementing lean management improvement. The company held lean management subject evaluation summary and backbone trainee symposium periodically. All the backbone trainees have passed the theoretical and practical evaluations level by level in the previous three stages of lean management training and subject evaluation, with remarkable achievements and satisfactory effect.
From attending theoretical training with open questions, to learning something after practical operation training in excellent enterprises of Taiwan, then integrating lean management concept, methods and tools with their own companies and positions in order to meet practical needs, lean management backbone trainees have achieved good effect, realizing transition to lean management backbones.
Lean management improvement is the management innovation and working practice to actively cope with the new normal. Lean management backbones gave full play to the backbone role, carrying out lean management improvement in combination with the work of their own companies and positions, supplementing the 11 key tasks of SEP, providing training, popularization and propaganda of lean management concept and basic knowledge within SEP, practicing problem-oriented lean management, summarizing and popularizing related experience, in order to promote the height, depth, scope, strength and accuracy of lean management improvement.

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