China Business Post Website: SEP Dingji Coal Mine Slurry Drying Project Completed

On April 1, 2015, the slurry drying project of SEP Dingji Coal Mine was officially put into operation, which was also the first slurry drying project to be put into operation in Huainan mining area. According to the local staff, the project utilized two heating sources, i.e. combustion of gas and the waste heat from the gas generation units, to dry the slurry, and then the dried slurry will be blended with thermal coal, which will become the fuel for SEP Tianji Power Plant.
As the equipment provider for this slurry drying system, Shandong Liren Energy Technology Co. has been dedicated to coal drying sector since its founding in 2003, with R&D, design, manufacturing, installation, service and consulting all-in-one, specializing in R&D on coal processing and comprehensive utilization technology and related equipment. The company is able to provide tailored solution for slurry drying system as well as lignite briquetting and upgrading system, and has become the pioneer of domestic coal drying industry. After winning the bid, the company implemented the project strictly in compliance with design standard and installation regulation, and has successfully completed the construction.
As the slurry drying project uses heating sources part from the gas extracted from the coal mine and part from the waste heat generated from gas generation units, there will be no fuel costs throughout the whole drying process. A deputy chief engineer in charge of the project construction was quite optimistic about the project’s investment return, also with great satisfaction on the quality of Shandong Liren’s equipment. “One-time input, with all the costs recovered in just more than one year, and the mine will be benefited in the long term’’, said him.
“In the past, it was really a headache to walk past this area everyday to work. You got all dust over you in sunny days and all dirt over you in rainy days. Now everything has changed. It is clean everywhere and you can walk anywhere with ease”, said Mr. Yang, an employee in the coal mine. It is also known that slurry drying not only has huge economic benefit, but has also led to a thorough change in the environment. The slurry used to be stacked in the open air, easily to cause secondary pollution, and thus troubled the coal mine for a long time. Nevertheless, with the official operation of the slurry drying system, such situation has been changed forever.

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