SPIC Website: Build Value Creation-Based Team Construction Management System

Recently, SEP Labor Union issued Lean Team Construction Special Improvement Implementation Plan, aimed at building a value creation-based team construction management system by means of organizing various companies to amend team working standard and identify team KPI, guiding pilot companies to reorganize team construction management responsibilities and identify team benchmarking indicators.
Based on emphasizing the company’s annual team promotion rate, SEP looks to pushing forward team construction level and realizing overall improvement through differentiated guidance on five-star team construction, “Lean Management Demonstration Team” Initiative and assisting ordinary teams in management improvement. Deepening labor competition and innovation has also been introduced to guide employees to improve value and promote team value creation, in order to achieve annual team promotion rate of 50% for the coming three years, with four-star or above teams accounting for 50% of all and all teams reaching star level within three years.

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