SPIC Website: SEP Fully Prepared to Ensure Power Safety in Summer Heat

Since July 24, 2015, Shanghai has suffered scorching weather with daily high temperature all above 35 degrees Celsius and the highest temperature up to 38.8 degrees Celsius, 3.9 degrees Celsius higher than a year ago. The average daily highest temperature and lowest temperature are 37.6 degrees Celsius and 28.9 degrees Celsius respectively, which are both much higher than a year ago. On August 1, 2015, the peak load of Shanghai reached 28.353 million kilowatts, which hit a record high for the year, rising 10.1% YoY, with a 5.78% increase from the peak load last year. Confronting with the lingering high temperature, SEP spared no efforts to ensure the stability and safety of power production during the first round of peak demand this summer in Shanghai by increasing power output and efficiency.

On account of the summer peak load as well as all kinds of emergencies and disadvantages, SEP completed the working plans as early as in the second quarter. The company made the arrangements of maintenance and shutdown of the units in advance to ensure safety production and that all the units of its power plants would be ready to meet the peak demand. Through all-round checking and dealing with the safety loopholes and disadvantages of devices, the company solved the problems such as overheating of devices. And by checking the safety loopholes of boilers and electrical devices, the company implemented the safety measures of water, damp, fire and small animal prevention to meet the summer peak demand in the best state.

In consideration of the continuous operation at high load, all the power plants of SEP seized the opportunity by reinforcing cooperation and coordination to ensure the safety of the units. The operation and maintenance teams were fully prepared, strengthening spot inspection, control system monitoring and adjustment, as well as safety loophole checking and treatment, in order to ensure stable and greater power production of the units in the best state, in the hope of achieving more profits for the company.

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