SPIC Website: SEP Holds Employment Practice for Tsinghua University Postgraduates

Eleven postgraduates from Tsinghua University came to SEP to start a five-day employment practice on July 20, 2015. As the employment practice base for Tsinghua University, SEP attached great importance to this activity.
The related departments of SEP introduced the historical development of SEP and its parent company SPIC as well as the staff career planning and the employee incentive, which brought the trainees a comprehensive understanding of the company. They also answered the trainees’ questions on renewable energy and made a brief introduction to the renewable energy project development by the company.

During the practice, SEP organized the trainees to visit Caojing Power Generation Co., Ltd. With 1000MW ultra-supercritical power generation units, Caojing Cogeneration Co., Ltd. with natural gas combined cycle units and steam supply, and Shanghai Minghua Electric Power Technology Engineering Co., Ltd. with high technologies. Thanks to the practice base, the trainees had a deep recognition of SEP and were more willingly to become part of the company.

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