SEP Stands Out in CPI’s 2nd Table Tennis Game

  During May 18-19, 2015, the Second Table Tennis Game of CPI Group was held in Beijing Baozhigu Base owned by CPI China Power Complete Equipment Co., Ltd. The East China team, mainly composed of SEP players, competed in the A Group (above 40 years old) and B Group (under 39 years old) of Men’s Matches and Women’s Matches. After two days’ intense competition, those athletes managed to win several prizes, which contributed to SEP’s spiritual civilization construction.

  Before the match, the coach convened a pep rally for all the team members, and required everyone to make every effort to compete, respect the referee, follow the coach’s instructions and demonstrate the skills and spirits of SEP in the match.

  On the first day, all the athletes from SEP managed to win the group round robin and came to the top 8 of each group. During semi-finals and finals of the second day, the competition became more fierce as the level of the players from the eight areas of CPI were neck to neck, and thus the actual performance of the players and the technical guidance appeared very important. Wu Liming, an SEP player, attempted to make quick adjustments thanks to the coach’s guidance, won two sets back after a 0-2 defeat, and continued his victory into the deciding set. He was confronted with Chen Shengguo, another SEP player in the final match.

  As the final result, Wu won the champion of Men’s A Group, Chen became the runner-up and Wang Feng, also from SEP, came fifth in the game. Qiu Yixing from SEP won the fifth place of Men’s B Group. Shi Xiangqun from CPI Senior Training Center won the runner-up of Women’s Game.

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