SEP Wins 28th Shanghai Bridge A-Series Championship

  During the 28th Shanghai Bridge Series Championship held from May 22-25, 2015, SEP bridge team strove hard with concerted efforts, managed to defeat a number of veteran teams and won the A-series champion.

  Since promotion to Shanghai A-series in 2007, the company’s bridge team has been staying in the fifth to eighth place, as national champions and grand masters could be seen everywhere in Shanghai’s games. In the quarterfinal of this championship, SEP team competed against Shanghai Financial Team, which is the national A-series club team and has won the national champion many times. With a 27-point lead by two decks of honors in the first half, SEP team succeeded in resisting the rival’s strong offensive in the second half and moved into the top four, breaking the spell of losing quarterfinals in the past seven years.

  Confronted with Tianyu Ecology & Landscape team in the semi-final, which boasts several grand masters, SEP firmly guarded itself, waited for the best chance to attack, and successfully advanced to the final game.

  SEP’s rival in the final was Pudong Development Group team, a traditional national champion team once beat the former by a big score in the preliminary match. Due to the schedule adjustment, the final was postponed until 6pm on May 25. SEP team played poorly in the first half, with 29 points behind the rival. Although the players were quite exhausted after several days’ games, SEP team held to the firm belief that they will try their best to demonstrate the company’s spirit. Through the discussion of the coach and the team leader, SEP determined the lineup for the second half. The players fought tooth and nail all through the last 16 decks, finally beat the rival by 70-60 and brought glory to SEP.

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