Main Equipment of Tianwan Nuclear Power Plant Unit 3 hoisted in Place

  At 12:06 pm, April 19, 2015, No. 2 steam generator at Unit 3 of Tianwan Nuclear Power Plant was hoisted in place, which kicked off the installation of main equipments at the reactor building.

  As one of the three main equipments at the reactor building, the steam generator, which is 14.342m long, 4.79m wide and 5.4m high, weighs about 307 tons. In order to ensure the mooth introduction of the first main equipment at Unit 3, Jiangsu Nuclear Power rporation, the constructor and operator of Tianwan Nuclear Power Plant, has provided great support for a series of preparations including nuclear security check and open-case inspection. Thanks to the concerted efforts of technical and management staff from all participating companies, hoisting the equipment in place was a success at one go, which would offer valuable experience for the subsequent hoisting work of main equipments.

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