CPI Website: Preliminary Results were Achieved in “Workers’ Library” Campaign in SEP Changxing Island No.2 Power Plant

    To strengthen the ideological and moral education, enrich the cultural life of workers and lead workers to "love reading and read good books", SEP Changxing Island No.2 Power Plant makes use of the rooms in the office building, which used to be the administrating office, and opens a “workers’ library”.

    To carry out the “workers’ library” campaign, SEP Changxing Island No.2 Power Plant redesigned and decorated the original offices, purchased new bookshelf, newspaper racks, tables and chairs and a large number of books on techniques and management. Also related management system was developed. This help to create a comfortable and harmonious atmosphere for the workers to read books and provide spiritual motivation and cultural support for the realization of the three-step development strategy.

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