Transformation Instead of simple Emission Reduction

  “Shanghai attaches great emphasis on ecological protection and has more stringent standards. As a large coal-fired power generation company in China, SEP is shouldering great environmental responsibility”. Mr. Zeng Xuefeng, General Manager of Caojing Power Plant hit the mark with a single comment. As a demonstration power plant in energy-saving and emission reduction, Caojing Power Plant takes the lead in environment protection in Shanghai and even in China. What’s the point of have another transformation? This is the answer the report was wondering.

  Regarding the clean emission transformation, Mr. Zeng Xuefeng started with the sound eliminator installed on the flash vessel rather than the emission targets. In the process of emergency shutdown, dewatering will come from the heating pipe. With the steam pressure, the exhaust port of drain tank beeps intermittently. "This year, there are many times of emergency shutdown, especially the shutdown at nighttime affect people’s lives. Therefore, we installed sound muffler. Now the nearby residents cannot hear the noise”, said Zeng Xuefeng.

  The reporter saw a cylindrical stainless steel device on the 52-meter-high turbine roof. This device is 4.8 meters high and 14.12 meters in diameter and weighs 3450 kg. The device itself is not complicated, but the transformation is complex and difficult. They need to place a special crane on the 60-meter-high drain tank top. Seemingly, it is superfluous, but in fact it reflects the social responsibility shouldered by Caojing Power Plant. Regardless of the sound muffler, the transformation in clean emission is: the emission of main flue gas turbine pollutant must meet the required standard--- soot 5 mg / cubic meter, sulfur dioxide 35 mg / cubic meter and nitrogen oxide 50 mg / cubic meter, while the emissions PM2.5 and sulfur trioxide are reducing, flue gas temperature is improving and completely solving problems of "plaster Rain" and "white plume".

  On November 20, the flue gas cleansing system on NO. 2 power units in the Caojing Power Plant began working and wet electrostatic precipitators, MGGH, desulfurization facility transformation were put into operation, marking the completion of all targets. The hot commissioning and 168-hour trial run shown that the emissions of soot, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxide emissions concentrations were 1.41 mg / cubic meter, 9 mg / cubic meter, 21 mg / cubic meters respectively. According to Shanghai Environmental Monitoring Center, the measurement results were better than the state standard. This marks that Caojing Power Plant has scale to a new height in pollutant emission control.

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