China Power Investment Website: Shanghai Electric: Build an Innovation Platform While Enhance Vitality in Innovation

     Recently, in Waigaoqiao Power Generation Co., Ltd, SEP held a team head gathering and conversazione of staff innovation studio. All the related persons in charge of teams and innovation studios attended this conversazione.

     Mr. Chen Jianzhong, the Deputy Chief Engineer of Waigaoqiao Power Generation Co., Ltd and a winner of National Labor Medal, took the attendants around his innovation studio of energy saving and emission reduction. Mr. Chen Jianzhong described how his studio develop and promote optimal management, power research, fuel research. Regarding how to open a space for employee to learn more knowledge, build training base and innovation lab, they exchanged and communicated views.

     In the afternoon, foregoers from ten employee innovation studios shared their experience in their work. They also recollected the process of “employee innovation studio” establishment, summarized the achievement and problems. After listening to the speeches of all foregoers, Mr. Wang Guoliang, president of Labor Union, proposed new requirements for the creation of “employee innovation studio”----“set up a platform, clarify the objectives, possess specific content, take advantage of existing resource, and make great effort in implementation and summery lessons timely”. He also pointed out that we should make genuine achievement and avoids formalism. The foregoers should have clear way of thinking in studio creation and we must pay great attention to the characteristics and effect of the studio. Only in this way, can we make “employee innovation studio” a platform where the employees can give full play to their talents.

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