China Power Investment Website: Shanghai Caojing Power Cogeneration Company Passed 4 A Assessments of Standardization and Good Conduct Enterprise

    From October 26-27, an expert panel agreed to put Caojing Power Cogeneration on the list of standardized and good-conduct enterprises and it was agreed that Caojing Power Generation Company reaches to the 4 A standard in terms of standardized and good-conduction enterprise.

    The assessment of standardized and good-conduction enterprise is carried out by National Standardization Management Committee and the State Electricity Regulatory Commission. There are four ranks---A, AA, AAA and AAAA. This practice tends to promote the enterprises to establish and improve effective and stable enterprise standardized system in the power industry. This is also help to contribute the safe production of power enterprise and ensure normal, high efficient and sound operation and sustainable development. This programme also ensures the safe, stable and economic operation of power system. In this way, all sectors of the society can enjoy quality power supply and services.

    Mr. Shi Peigang, general manger of Caojing Power Cogeneration Co., Ltd, introduced the basic situation of the company and the general information of the standardized system. After one day’s examination, the expert group positively affirmed the progress made by Caojing Power Generation: the standardized system principle and aim is set; a standardized enterprise system with technical standard, management standards and working standards is established; and the standardized work, HSE and the energy system integrate into the daily routines and play a positive role. Besides, regarding the inadequacies in the gas turbine industry standards in China, the experts suggested Caojing Power Cogeneration actively participating in the preparation and improvement of the industry standards. This will help let the company’s mature techniques meet the higher industry or national level. The Expert Group made live scoring, and unanimously agreed to give 480 scores to Caojing Power Cogeneration. Thus, the company passed the 4 A checks and examination. This marks that the standardized construction of Caojing Cogeneration Co., Ltd reached the first-class level in China.

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