China Power Investment Website: Well-designed Plans of Overseas Project Development Made by SEP

    In order to comprehensively promote the development of overseas projects, speed up the space of "going out”, on November 16, Shanghai Electric Power convened the heads of the Overseas Project to make a joint analysis of the situation and tasks, discuss challenges and issues and define a clear way forward and work initiatives.

    We put forward necessary measures to deal with the issues concerning managing financial services and management and guidance of overseas projects. The attendants also included Turkish Preparation Office, Japan branch, Australia branch, Singapore branch, Working Group in Malta, Iraq Project Department, Turkey Atlas project department, operating company, engineering company, new energy company and Hemei Company. They reported the progresses made in the overseas project and proposed some suggestions on the work arrangement in 2015 and how to achieve the strategic goals.

    SEP will seize the chance of overseas development, fully depend on one’s own competitiveness in the financial and technical, and have the confidence to overcome difficulties, speed up the project constructionalong the other regions and form a multi-layer, grading and rolling-mode international business segments.

    In advance of overseas projects, Shanghai will strive to handle electricity markets and partners, risks and benefits, the allocation of resources and the ability to "three relationships" to further improve the current project development plan and execute a good job. Good use of BPR, QHSE management tools, to accelerate the implementation of ERP, information flattening. Strengthen risk control of overseas projects, innovative tools, and improve mechanisms to promote sustainable development. Speed ??up the construction of overseas talent, and actively introduce and cultivate international personnel, to achieve "2020 overseas recycling a Shanghai power" to lay a solid foundation.

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