China Power Investment Website: Shanghai Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau Grant Class A to SEP for Its Efforts in Pollution Reduction in 2013

    In the annual assessment of pollution abatement carried out by Shanghai Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau, SEP won the Class A for its excellent management, positive technical inputs and achievements made in pollution reduction.

    SEP places its main coal-fired units in the Yangtze River Delta region and its local generation units contribute nearly one-third of electricity generation capacity of Shanghai. SEP keeps adhering to the philosophy ‘serve the public with green energy’, adopts the principle of ‘focusing on growth increasing the profitability and promote social harmony’ and consciously fulfills their social responsibilities.

    In recent years, Shanghai has been adhering to reduce emission and pollution through on the basis of structural arrangement, engineering and management. It took the lead in applying environmental technology and conducted a series of experiments and demonstration projects. For instance SEP Wujing Thermal Power Plant took the lead in carrying out PM2.5 fine particles aggregator test. Moreover, Shanghai Waigaoqiao Power Generation Co., Ltd implemented bag-house retrofit demonstration project and low-NOx combustion transformation. Besides, Shanghai Shangdian-Caojing Power Generation Co., Ltd carried out low-temperature economizer transformation. And Shanghai Changxing Island No.2 Power Plant installed wet ESP demonstration unit. Thus, SEP created a way of ‘multi-pollutant collaborative integrated governance’--- remove General soot, sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides in a stable, cooperative and effective way. Furthermore, SEP has the ability to remove fine particulate PM 2.5, SO3 gas and ammonia emission caused by denitration, reduce mercury emissions and gypsum rain. Significant pollution reduction effectiveness has been highly spoke of by the public---ten media, including Xinhua News Agency and People's Daily made ??a special trip to Shanghai Electric Power to report fruits made SEP, which arrest extensive attention of the public.

    In 2013, SEP did well in the emission reduction programs required by the State and Shanghai government. In addition, SEP also took imitative in removing desulfurization bypass in the coal-fired plants. It made great efforts to build emission reduction monitoring system. Based on fine management, SEP continuously improved the management and control of the emission reduction facilities and ensured the major air pollutants be controlled effectively.  Since the second half of this year, in order to achieve the emission reduction goal, Shanghai Electric Power reformed a 1000MW power plant in Caojing Power Plant to make it more clean and environmental. This is the first power generation unit in Shanghai that received environmental transformation in power plants affiliated to China Power Investment.

    Shanghai Electric will further enhance the operation and management level of emission reduction facilities. Relying on technological innovation, it will actively explore the full load denitrification technology and steadily do a good job in gypsum rain pollution prevention. By this way, SEP can present a greener, cleaner, and better SEP image with social responsibilities.

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