CPI website: SEP Actively Respond to "Phoenix" Typhoon to Ensure Safety

    SEP Actively Respond to "Phoenix" Typhoon to Ensure Safety

    On September 22th, according to the weather station, the sixteenth typhoon "Phoenix" is closing to Shanghai. To protect the stability of electricity production during a typhoon in Shanghai, SEP made use of lessons drew from the past typhoons and made full preparation before the arrival of the typhoon, ensuring the safety of power plant.

    All production units paid much attention to the prevention and took effective measures to fight against the typhoon. They carried out specific checks and examined the safety of outdoor equipments so as to ensure to eliminate the potential danger timely. They increased the frequency of inspection tour to power plants and equipments and examined the equipment functions. Thus, the window water-proof measures were taken, avoiding the threatening on the safety of power plants. They also kept track of the path, direction, wind speed, power, and rainfall of the typhoon. They strictly implemented the principle of major information reporting, ensuring that the decisions are carried out without fail and the information is shared among all departments and ensuring the safety and stability of power plants.

    Great efforts have been made to the safety inspection, supervision and safety awareness of the operators and staff. Flood prevention education was also made; sandbags, rain preventing equipments and other flood prevention materials were all prepared, ensuring the safety of staff and equipments.

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