CPI Website: Yangshupu Power Plant Enters a Restructuring Stage

    On July 1, a century-year old Yangshupu Power Plant 220 kV booster station officially quit operation and completed its 103 year’s historical mission of power supply. It entered a transition period of development from focus on operation and construction only.

    Since April this year, the power plant started its quitting countdown. Totally 36 electric supply lines of 6KV, 35KV, 110KV and 220KV stopped their power supply gradually. After that, the whole substation only have a 2184 power line delivered power to the system and it would stop the power supply after the whole auxiliary power supply was cut off. Before the end of June, the factory’s auxiliary power supply was switched successfully by careful preparation and cooperation between operation and construction department.

    The transformational development mode of Yangshupu Power Plant will set a new business model for old power plants and will become a new profit increasing point in SEP’s developing process.

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