Shanghai Electric Power held the first phase of training class for divisional cadres in 2012

Shanghai Electric Power strove to improve cadres' leadership in order to adapt to the needs that the Corporation creates the world-class energy enterprises and Shanghai Electric Power's needs for strategic transformation development. Starting from the mid-August,Shanghai Electric Power will hold four phases of training class.The divisional cadres of all factories will receive fully closed and off-job training for four days. From 14th to 17th August,over 30 cadres and divisional cadres fulfilled the first phase of training class .

Combining the Corporation's "three-step" strategy with the Company's development strategy of "four transformations", Shanghai Electric Power made in-depth analysis for trainees about "where is Shanghai Electric Power's future?How should we move on?" The Chairman of Shanghai Electric Power - Wang Yundan,combining his own work experience and discoursing knowledgeably,with vivid examples and witty language, conducted interviews with trainees respectively about such problems as how to be a good cadre and how to strengthen self-improvement,and told trainees to learn more knowledge with the learning attitude of "first to be a good student and then to be a good leader", to actively participate in classroom interaction and to constantly improve management capability.

Nine courses were arranged for the training class according to the survey before the training and leadership module requested in the competency model.Among nine courses are such core management courses as systematic thinking,performance management, communication for reaching a consensus, etc.Wang Yundan will conduct the special interpretation for company development strategy. In the training class,the company leaders confirmed the performance assignment book with all departments respectively.


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