ALCOA CPI Aluminum Investment Co., Ltd. was established in Shanghai


Source: Liberation Daily, website of China News    Writer:      Date: Mar. 28th, 2013

On Mar. 25th, 2013, ALCOA CPI Aluminum Investment Co., Ltd. was founded in Shanghai with the joint investment of ALCOA and CPI, and the registration place is located in World Expo garden of Pudong New District in Shanghai. Lu Qizhou, General Manager of CPI group and Kleinfeld, CEO of ALCOA, attended the ceremony for congratulating the establishment of this new company.

The establishment of ALCOA CPI Aluminum Investment Co., Ltd. will further promote the aerospace, automobile manufacturing and other aluminum-involved industries in Shanghai. As CPI group further increases its force of arranging business in Shanghai, all CPI enterprises in Shanghai, including ALCOA CPI Aluminum Investment Co., Ltd., will further give play to the accumulative effect with the favorable economic conditions of its headquarter, so as to realize the win-win cooperation of both parties involved in the investment. The joint venture company will take full advantage of ALCOA Company’s technology, brand, management advantage and CPI group’s strength in the Aluminum materials and energy, so as to produce larger interactive effect.

According to the introduction, CPI is a comprehensive new energy group combining the electric power, coal, aluminum, railway and port as a whole, and it’s also the only energy enterprise group owning the hydroelectricity, thermal power, nuclear power, new energy power generation as well as road and port logistics. As a top-500 enterprise, CPI group’s assets are distributed in 31 provinces, cities and autonomous regions in China, Hong Kong, Macao and Southeast Asia Region, and it owns six domestic and foreign listed companies, including Shanghai Electric Power Co., Ltd. As the second largest electrolytic aluminum enterprise, CPI group has put the industrial investment management of high-end aluminum products, aluminum industry trade and other functional centers in Shanghai. ALCOA mainly deals with the production and sales of aluminum materials, all kinds of aluminum primary products, semi-finished products and aluminum products, and it’s the largest importer and trade partner of aluminum products in China as well as the largest investor in foreign countries of the aluminum industry in China.

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