Shanghai Electric Power won the title of Shanghai Civilized Unit


In the 2013 Shanghai Spiritual Civilization Construction Work Conference on May 20th, Shanghai Electric Power firstly won the title of Shanghai Civilized Unit.

In order to meet the situation and tasks at the second phase of "three-step" strategy in the group company, in 2011, Shanghai Electric Power proposed the objective of creating Shanghai Civilized Unit?with the system as a whole to establish civilization in full swing. It focused on business development priorities and current affairs situation to carry out the compulsory education on ideology and morality as well as situation to employees by multi-channel. It vigorously implemented the building of enterprise culture, closely linked to the business development theme and carried out the theme construction and labor contest of mass. Importance of harmonious enterprise construction is reflected in the standard management, to promote effective protection of fundamental interests of employees during the major reforms in the enterprise and smoothly finish "developing large units and suppressing small ones, reposition of redundant personnel” and other reforms, so as to be highly appreciated by Shanghai Municipal People's Government and the group leaders. It has established "Enterprise Risk Management System", "EVA Value Management System" and "Employee Performance Management System," improved "Business Process Reengineering", and actively carried out the construction of "Safe and Healthy Environment System", so as to comprehensively promote the management. It also conducted the rigorous benchmarking management to enhance economic and technical indicators as well as comprehensive benefits. The company has extensively carried out activities of the joint development of civilization between enterprises and communities, and actively fulfilled the enterprise social responsibility, which is widely praised by all sectors of the community.

Through two years of fruitful work, Shanghai Electric Power achieved remarkable results in the civilization establishment. Currently, the ideological and moral standards of employees are continuously improved, and a large number of advanced collectives and outstanding persons of different categories and at all levels spring up. Main economic indicators are in the advanced level among the same category of peers and the same region, and integrated management is of the highest level in group companies. Two sets of unit worth millions from Shanghai Electric Power Caojing Power Plant were awarded "National Quality Project Gold Award"; the implementation of energy conservation and other experience were interviewed by CCTV "News Broadcast" and other special columns.

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