The first non-bypass de-sulfuration coal-fired unit was put into operation

Source: Shanghai Electric Power    Writer: Lan Jiyong Date: Jun. 17th, 2013

Early in the morning of Jun. 6th, Shanghai Electric Power Waigaoqiao Power Generation Company’s No.3 300MW unit completed the expanded level-B maintenance lasting for 55 days and successfully realized the safe connection to power grid. It was the second unit fulfilling the denitration transformation in this company, and at the same time, No.3 unit also became the first non-bypass de-sulfuration coal-fired unit in Shanghai.

Since Shanghai started to cancel the de-sulfuration smoke bypass of coal-fired unit and promote the energy conservation and emission reduction work in 2012, Shanghai Electric Power has responded to the national appeal actively, adhered to the CPI concept of “presenting the green energy and serving the social public”, and took advantage of the opportunity of conducting the denitration transformation and expanded level-B maintenance to Waigaoqiao Power Generation Company’s No.3 unit, so as to implement the transformation of dismantling the de-sulfuration bypass decisively.

In order to ensure the successful completion of work, this company paid high attention to setting up the team for solving problems and launching the relevant work. The system added the cooling-water spray system for emergencies, so as to further improve the reliability of de-sulfuration system; at the same time, the adding, deletion and modification of the de-sulfuration electric and control systems as well as the adjustment and optimization of unit both ensured the safe and reliable operation of unit. For the purpose of laying equal stress on the safe reliability and energy saving, the unit also sets a de-sulfuration booster fan bypass flue, and when the unit is at the state of low loading, the booster fan will stop, and the smoke can directly pass the bypass flue of de-sulfuration booster fan.

During construction, this company solved many difficulties and controlled the safety, time limit of project, quality, cost and other aspects comprehensively, so as to ensure the transformation work to be fulfilled on schedule with high quality and accumulate rich experience for the following work of unit transformation.

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