CCTV News: [Economic Transformation Underway] Energy Conservation and Environment Protection: Common people will be benefited from the new opportunities of the industry.

CCTV (News): Since the beginning of this year, China has strengthened its support to the industry of energy conservation and environment protection, motivated the economic growth while bringing better environment for the common people through guiding the investment and consumption.

 Recently, Jiang Zhirong, who has been working in the power industry for half of her lifetime, has noticed that the dust covering the leaves of the plant she works in has become less and less.

Similar to Wujing Power Plant, most thermal power plants across the nation have focused on “emission reduction” for technical transformation; along with the concept of fine particle, namely PM2.5, Wujing Power Plant has input another 147 million yuan this year for technical transformation; the most important project is the installation of electrostatic precipitation devices, which huddle the particulate matters in the chimney into large particles for easier collection.

 The input of emission reduction of enterprises is inseparable from the strict requirements of the nation. Since the 12th-Five-Year Plan, China has implemented stricter index constraints for energy conservation and environment protection. Taking power plant as an instance, since 2012, the smoke emission limit of newly-built power plant has been reduced from 50mg/m? to 30 mg/m?; for the existing units, there are at least 100,000 coal-fired boilers to be reconstructed nationwide, which has motivated the input of social capital.

 Influenced by the investment, the industry of energy saving and environmental protection in the first half of this year is starting to have positive effect. In China, new projects have saved 60 million ton of standard coal, with 8 million ton of newly increased treatment capacity of domestic sewage in cities and towns; the industry of energy saving and environmental protection has enjoyed a further accelerated growth. 

According to the introduction of National Development and Reform Commission, in the first three years of 12th-Five-Year-Plan, China will select 10 energy-saving products for key consumption subsidy; by 2015, the energy efficiency of terminal consumption products will be raised to above 15%, the market share of energy-efficient products will be raised to 50%, with 490 billion yuan of direct consumption demand expected to be boosted.

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