Wang Yundan, Shanghai CPPCC Vice Chairman Inspect Caojing Power Plant

On November 20, 2018, SEP Chairman Wang Yundan accompanied Vice Chairman of CPPCC Shanghai Committee Huang Zhen and his delegation to Caojing Power Plant to conduct a survey titled "up-to-standard emission rehabilitation carried out by key industries in Shanghai". Shanghai Environmental Protection Bureau Deputy Chief Luo Hailin also accompanied them on the trip.



Huang Zhen and his delegation headed to the dock, circular coal yard and ultra-low emission site of the power plant successively, and learned about the coal unloading process, development of sludge mixed burning work and technological process of ultra-low emission. At the central control room, Huang Zhen acquired a detailed understanding of the economic indicators of the units, ultra-low emission equipment O&M situation and pollutant emission data of the power plant, shook hands and held cordial talks with the personnel on duty.



At the multi-function hall, the power plant general manager Li Feng delivered a work report on the general situation of the power plant, implementation of environmental protection work and key tasks in the next stage to Huang Zhen and his delegation. Wang Yundan expressed that all the power plants affiliated to SEP have reached the emission standards of gas turbine in terms of related emission indicators through a series of ultra-low emission retrofitting, and have earnestly performed its social responsibility as central SOE. He hoped that the company would obtain the instruction and help from CPPCC Shanghai Committee, better integrate into the urban lifestyle and business forms through boosting biomass coupled blending combustion, sludge coupled blending combustion and related work, and make greater contribution to bluer sky, greener land and clearer water of Shanghai with practical action.


Huang Zhen fully affirmed the power plant for energy conservation and emission reduction work, and indicated that the power plant has made remarkable achievements for its great investment in environmental protection, with various emission indicators including NOx, SO2 and dust much better than the emission standard of gas turbine especially after the implementation of ultra-low emission rehabilitation. He also hoped the power plant to keep up the good work, continue to improve the O&M work on ultra-low emission units, further intensify science and technology innovation, and lead the new direction for clean and high-efficient utilization of coal-fired power generation.


The related officials of CPPCC Shanghai Committee, Shanghai Environmental Protection Bureau and Shanghai Municipal Commission of Economy and Informatization as well as the leaders of relevant SEP departments and Caojing Power Plant participated in the research.

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