Wang Yundan Attends New Recruits Forum of 2018

On November 2, SEP New Recruits Forum of 2018 was held at Waigaoqiao Power Plant. SEP Party Secretary and Chairman Wang Yundan attended the forum and exchanged views cordially with the new staff there. Director of SEP Human Resources Department Yao Huiqin presided over the meeting.


Wang Yundan not only raised sincere hopes and requirements for the newcomers as the company's chairman, but also shared his own learning and working experiences friendly as an elder. Experience is the first step of growth and development, and also the first move for a new employee to become the future backbone of the company, noted Wang.



He asked the new staff to grasp methodology in their future work and career planning, that is, looking at the problem from the top of the flagpole, and knowing oneself and one's enemy ensures victory. He also called on them to combine their career path with the company's strategy and demand, determine their career planning with the needs of the society and the enterprise, improve their own knowledge structure, enrich and arm themselves with brand new thoughts and knowledge, in order to become both professional and versatile along with integrated wisdom and common value.


Moreover, Wang shared a few important working thoughts and methods with them, which include that details determine success or failure, and that to aim at absolute perfection whether it is work or daily life. He required the new staff to persist in problem-oriented approach, make plans, find problems, continue to improve, and make new plans, and thus develop a closed self-improvement loop so as to realize improvement.



A total of 80 new employees participated in the forum, who made self-introduction one by one, shared their feelings and gains during the military training, theoretical training and power plant practice, and expressed their enthusiasm and firm belief in contributing youthful passion and unremitting efforts to SEP.


After the meeting, Wang presented two books including "Learn Better" and "The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People" to the new staff as a gift, and took a group photo with all of them.


The leaders of SEP Human Resources Department, Youth League Committee and Waigaoqiao Power Plant joined in the meeting.

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