Wang Yundan Inspects Caojing Power Plant, Caojing Cogeneration, Greets Frontline Staff

On October 1, 2018, SEP Chairman Wang Yundan went to Caojing Power Plant and Caojing Cogeneration successively to conduct inspection and research, and visited the production sites to greet frontline staff warmly.



In the morning, Wang Yundan attended the production arrangement meeting of Caojing Power Plant, listened to the production arrangement situation report by the power plant, and affirmed the achievements made by the power plant in unit operation, daily defect elimination and unit maintenance, etc. Wang noted that the production arrangement meeting is the foundation for the power plant to conduct all the daily work smoothly as well as a powerful entry point for improving the power plant's management. He required the power plant to strongly enhance the economic operation of the units based on guaranteeing safety and environmental protection, carry out in-depth tracking analysis on the operation mode of auxiliary equipment, actively mobilize all the staff to participate in the economic operation work of the units, integrate the quality-related work deeply into production safety, economic efficiency and daily management, complete each job and item appropriately, summarize good management experience, and provide benefits, experience and talents for SEP.



Subsequently, Wang headed to the central control room, 2C05 steam turbine maintenance site, SEP Operation auxiliary control room, SEP Engineering thermal control team, shook hands and held cordial talks with the workers sticking to their posts during the National Day holiday, and extended festival greetings to them.



At the conference room of the power plant, Wang put forward several requirements as follows: firstly, ensure complete success in power supply guarantee work relating to work safety, environmental protection emission, security, anti-terrorism and stability safeguard during China International Import Expo (CIIE) with a high sense of political responsibility and mission; secondly, keep on with the spirit of pursuing excellence, make persistent efforts in the fields of power generation, heat supply sales, net coal consumption rate, etc. on the premise of accomplishing various economic indicators for the first three quarters, and make sure to achieve all the goals assigned by SEP.



In the afternoon, Wang arrived at the central control room of Caojing Cogeneration, shook hands warmly with the frontline staff, expressed thanks to them for sticking to the post and working hard during the festival, and presented gifts to them. He inquired about the unit operation, heat supply and related situation in detail, and showed great expectations for the career development of frontline young employees at the power plant.


At the meeting room of Caojing Cogeneration, he required the power plant to continue to improve business expansion work in SCIP, follow up with the new demand of heat supply actively, strive for the profit maximization of the parent company, and keep up with production safety and power supply guarantee work during CIIE in order to safeguard the convening of the expo.


The leaders of SEP General Office, Planning and Development Department, Production Department, Safety, Quality and Environmental Protection Department, Corporate Culture Department and related affiliated companies participated in the inspection.

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