Wang Yundan Signs MOU on GT36 50Hz Technology Cooperation

On September 28, 2018, SEP Chairman Wang Yundan signed an MOU on the GT36 50Hz technology cooperation at Shanghai Turbine Plant together with Shu Guogang, Chairman of China United Heavy-duty Gas Turbine Technology Co., Ltd., Huang Ou, President of Shanghai Electric Group Co., Ltd., and Chen Xuewen, Representative of Ansaldo Energia.


All the related parties intend to jointly provide technological support for the designing, construction, commissioning of Minhang H-class Project as well as the testing, operation and maintenance after construction, and conduct technological improvement, design optimization and manufacturing of GT36 gas turbine based on the actual operation status of GT36-S5 gas turbine, in order to enhance the performance and reliability of the gas turbine and meet the future market demand.



Wang Yundan expressed that SEP is willing to pool the strength of the whole company to unreservedly support China United Heavy-duty Gas Turbine for the R&D, testing and verification of heavy-duty gas turbine, and assist various parties in utilizing the platform of Minhang H-class Project to push forward the technological progress in the manufacturing, construction, operation, maintenance, etc. of gas turbine in China and to promote the R&D and improvement of heavy-duty gas turbine core technology.


Shu Guogang extended thanks to SEP as the project owner for bolstering China United Heavy-duty Gas Turbine in participating in Minhang H-class Project work. He also hoped all related parties to carry forward the spirit of "great synergy", and unitedly boost the introduction, digestion, absorption and innovation of gas turbine technology in China.


The leaders of SEP Planning and Development Department and relevant companies participated in the event.

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