Qian Zhimin Attends Symposium on Central SOE Assisting Shandong in Shifting Driving Forces

The "New Age, New Driving Force and New Shandong" Symposium on Central SOE Assisting Shandong in Shifting Driving Forces in 2018 took place in Jinan, Shandong province on June 25. Hao Peng, SASAC Party Secretary, Liu Jiayi, Secretary of Shandong Provincial Party Committee, and Gong Zheng, Deputy Secretary of Shandong Provincial Party Committee and Governor of Shandong province, as well as the persons in charge of 45 central SOEs attended the meeting. SPIC Chairman and Secretary of Party Leadership Group Qian Zhimin was also present at the meeting and delivered a speech.



In his speech, Qian introduced SPIC's general situation in Shandong province, and expressed thanks to SASAC, Shandong Provincial Party Committee and Shandong Provincial Government for their support and help to the construction of Haiyang Nuclear Power AP1000 supporting project. He expressed that SPIC will provide strong support for and participate in the construction of comprehensive pilot zone for driving force shift in Shandong province, and make contributions to Shandong's realization of innovative development, sustainable development and leading development.


As an important nuclear power investor and operator and clean energy power generation enterprise in China as well as the largest PV power generation enterprise in the world, SPIC has total assets of RMB 87.5 billion and workforce of over 4,500 in Shandong province. SPIC is vigorously implementing the construction of the third-generation AP1000 nuclear power plant supporting project in Haiyang, positively promoting the national major scientific and technological project of large-scale CAP1400 PWR demonstration project in Rongcheng, steadily pushing forward offshore wind power projects in Dongying and Yantai, and building an industrial cluster based on clean energy.


In face of a new development stage, Qian stated that SPIC will thoroughly carry out the spirit of the 19th CPC National Congress and the important instruction made by general secretary Xi Jinping during his recent inspection tour in Shandong, execute the new development concept solidly, attempt to make new achievements in high-quality development constantly, emphasize on "clean energy plus supporting industries", focus on key areas such as nuclear power, offshore wind power, importing electricity from other provinces and municipalities, etc., assist Shandong in implementing quality reform, efficiency reform and driving force reform, and enable the province to take the lead in China on the journey of building a moderately prosperous society in all respects.


Firstly, SPIC will vigorously develop clean energy, assist in energy structure adjustment, give full play to its own advantages, focus on clean and low-carbon energy, positively promote nuclear power, wind power, PV power and other related sunrise industries, and propel the demonstration application of integrated smart energy.


Secondly, SPIC will highlight the construction of "three major bases", boost the shift of driving forces, continue to consolidate and strengthen the technological advantages in nuclear power, promote the construction of nuclear power bases in Haiyang and Rongcheng in a safe and stable manner, boost the preliminary work of the new site for nuclear power plant orderly, study the integration of the resources for existing nuclear power plant sites in Shandong, and complete the construction of the important nuclear power base in China's eastern coastal region.


Thirdly, SPIC will actively push forward the supporting industries, promote the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries, rely on the two major nuclear power bases in Haiyang and Rongcheng to help Shandong-based enterprises participate in nuclear power construction, expedite the quality reform of steel, cement and related traditional industries, and realize transformation and upgrading.


During the symposium, SPIC Party Leadership Group Member and Vice President Shi Jialin signed a strategic cooperation agreement on the major project of assisting in driving force shift with Shandong province on behalf of SPIC, according to which both sides will boost cooperation in the key areas including nuclear power, offshore wind power, importing electricity from other provinces and municipalities and supporting industries, and realize win-win.


The related leaders of SPIC General Office, Strategy and Planning Department, International Business Department, SNPTC, SPIC Shandong Branch and SEP participated in the event.


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