Wang Huaiming Inspects Caojing Phase II Mobile PV Power Plant

Recently, SEP President Wang Huaiming went to Caojing Phase II Mobile PV Power Plant ("June 30" Project) to inspect and guide the work, and visited the construction site of the project to acquire a detailed understanding of the construction quality and progress.



Wang Huaiming listened to the report on the engineering construction situation of "June 30" Project made by Caojing Power Plant, and highly praised various companies participating in the construction for carrying forward "three thousands" hardworking spirit, overcoming all kinds of difficulties and achieving grid connection at one go successfully on June 8. He also raised a few requirements for various construction companies as follows:


Firstly, pay special attention to the construction progress, strengthen coordination and command, refine and implement all the major milestones, and ensure that the construction progress is under control and the project will be completed on schedule.


Secondly, focus on the construction quality especially, push forward "June 30" Project with higher standards and stricter requirements, carry out project design re-optimization in an in-depth manner according to the actual situation on site, lay a solid foundation for the high efficiency and convenience of O&M after commercial operation, and construct the project into a demonstration project in a real sense.



SEP Deputy Chief Engineer Dai Sufeng and the leaders of related companies participated in the inspection.

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