SEP Holds Internal Control Compliance System Construction Acceptance Conference, Deepening and Enhancement Kick-off Meeting

On April 25, 2018, SEP held the internal control compliance system construction acceptance conference and the kick-off meeting on the system deepening and enhancement. SEP President Wang Huaiming and CFO Chen Wenhao attended the meeting, and Wang Huaiming presided over the meeting.



At the meeting, Auditing and Internal Control Department reported the working situation and main results of the internal control compliance system construction. Chen Wenhao made related work arrangement for the system deepening and enhancement project in terms of objective, principle, guarantee measures and main tasks.


Wang Huaiming fully affirmed the company's internal control compliance system construction work completed last year, and put forward a few requests for the system deepening and enhancement work in 2018 as follows:



First, pay attention to "two strengthens", which is, strengthen organization and leadership, with the top leaders of various companies and departments as the prime principals and complete and elaborate assignment of compliance project personnel, and strengthen planning and coordination, with Auditing and Internal Control Department in charge of coordination and establishing regular communication mechanism.


Second, focus on "two orientations", which is, stick to goal-oriented and problem-oriented approach, continue to extend advantages, maintain the leading position of compliance construction and management work in SPIC and implement the rectification opinions of SPIC while learning the highlights and successful experience from associate companies actively in order to make up for its own weak points.


Third, lay stress on "two controls", which is, control the quality of deepening and enhancement so as to lay a solid foundation for the enterprise compliance management, and control the effect of system operation, in order to apply the results of compliance construction to the company's operation and development and improve the company's management capacity actually. Meanwhile, he emphasized that the company should adhere to "quality first" and timely completion in the work of system deepening and enhancement, and accomplish related work with good quality and high standard.


The leaders of various SEP departments and affiliated companies participated in the meeting.

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