Fu Jingsong Inspects SEP

On April 2, 2018, Fu Jingsong, Deputy General Manager of SPIC Policy Studies and Intellectual Property Department, and his delegation came to SEP headquarters to conduct a research. SEP Chairman Wang Yundan participated in the research.


Wang Yundan introduced various work carried out by SEP in the aspects of improving corporate governance and enhancing management capacity in recent years, which created favorable conditions for deepening reform in the next step. He expressed that SEP will follow the unified deployment of SASAC and SPIC, implement various tasks of deepening reform, further stimulate the enthusiasm and initiative of the staff in daily work, innovation and value creation, strengthen the internal impetus in companies of all levels within SEP, and enable the enterprise to release fresh vitality, in order to accomplish sustainable and high-quality development of SEP and also share the operation and development results of the enterprise with the employees in the process of value creation.



Fu Jingsong gave a brief introduction to the opinion on further deepening SOE mechanism and system reform by SASAC and SPIC as well as related requirements and the latest development of SOE reform. At present, SPIC is positively striving to build a state-owned capital investment company, and encouraging its subsidiaries with good management experience and reform basis to actively participate in the comprehensive pilot reform of "Double 100 Actions" by SASAC, aimed at selecting 100 subsidiaries of central SOEs and 100 local backbone SOEs to deepen comprehensive reform.


The leaders of SEP Human Resources Department and Policy and Legal Affairs Department joined in the research.

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