Wang Yundan Visits Frontline Workers at Changxing Island Power Plant on Lunar New Year's Day

On the morning of February 16, the first day of the Lunar New Year in 2018, SEP Chairman Wang Yundan went to Changxing Island Power Plant, and extended New Year greetings to the staff who remained at their posts to ensure electricity production during the Spring Festival holiday.



Wang visited the electrical, turbine and boiler, desulfurization and denitrification control rooms, learned about the production and operation situation during the Spring Festival, shook hands warmly with all the operation crew on duty, and expressed New Year greetings. Subsequently, Wang and his delegation went to the project departments of SEP Operation and SEP Engineering, and inquired about the implementation of production arrangement during the holiday.



Wang pointed out that Changxing Island Power Plant has overcome all kinds of difficulties and accomplished various tasks excellently in the past year, especially taking initiative to increase heat supply customers and promote enterprise transformation and development, which made heat supply amount grow rapidly while the alternative proposal for the unit has been under planning. Regarding the annual work in 2018, Wang raised a few requirements as follows: first, the power plant should enhance the Party construction work, and execute the spirit of the 19th National CPC Congress into the actual work; second, the power plant should keep the social responsibility of central SOE in mind, consider the social demand and utmost satisfaction as its constant purpose, and provide high-quality and value-added service through pushing forward client manager system; third, the power plant should hold firm to transformation and development, deal with problems at work from the perspective of development and enhance preliminary research. He also required the power plant to actively develop the 6 MWpfishery-PV hybrid project located in the north ash yard, strive to construct it into an outstanding project, positively expand heat supply customers, and offer heat sources with high quality and stability. Meanwhile, heating equipment retrofitting, gas-fired boiler construction and planning of building gas turbine should be forward-looking, take customers both far and near into consideration and solve the problem of heat supply on the island. In addition, Wang called on the power plant to persist in heating supply, occupying the market and implementing its duty to the island while adhering to structural adjustment, zero carbon emission, customer-oriented approach and transformation and development.



The leaders of SEP General Office, Planning and Development Department, Human Resources Department, Production Department, Fuel Management Department, Safety, Quality and Environmental Protection Department, Party-masses Work Department and related affiliated companies participated in the visit.

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