Wang Yundan Attends KE Project Team Symposium

On August 23, SEP Chairman Wang Yundan attended a symposium organized by Pakistan's KE project team. Also present were Deputy Chief Economist Shi Ming Wei and Deputy Chief Engineer and Director of Engineering Management Department Dai Sufeng. The symposium was chaired by KE project chief Pan Longxing.



Having listened to the report on the recent work done, existing problems and follow-up major tasks of the project team by Pan, Wang made a speech and gave a few instructions as follows:


Firstly, reiterate the significance of KE project on SEP. As soon as the project is delivered successfully, it will become a main profit source of the company in the future. Therefore, KE project plays a crucial role in the process of realizing the grand objective of "building another SEP overseas by 2020". The project team should appreciate the situation, try their best efforts and be brave to shoulder responsibilities. 


Secondly, in order to complete the project, the project team should know "what to do". Once the equity transfer is completed, KE project team will represent SEP to connect with KE management comprehensively, rely on technological progress and lean management to transform KE to a utility company integrating large power generation units, large power grid, highly automation and good-quality service, and assume the social and economic responsibilities in Karachi, Pakistan. At present, the project team should focus on the construction of two sets of 9F class CCGT and the supporting power grid.


Thirdly, the project team should learn "how to get things done" after the successful closing of KE stake purchase, which lies in the following aspects: first, improve the capability, as the project team members should continue to perfect their knowledge structure, lose no time to study hard, and become composite and versatile talents; second, establish the image, as the project team work in the foreign country far from homeland, and thus should establish a good image of SEP, SPIC and China consciously; third, be able to blend in, as the project team members should help and cover each other and meanwhile, mix together with the staff team of KE well as soon as possible; fourth, be brave to assume responsibility, as the project team should do right things, do things in a right way, make decisions boldly and realize breakthrough and innovation; fifth, grow together, as the project team should make full use of the KE platform to create value for shareholders, and realize growth together with the enterprise.



The leader of SEP International Business Department and relevant personnel of KE project participated in the meeting.

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