Wang Yundan Conducts Safety Inspection on Tianji Power Plant

On August 25, SEP Chairman Wang Yundan and his delegation went to Tianji Power Plant to examine the implementation of work safety inspection.



At Tianji Power Plant, Wang checked the platforms of Unit 4 steam turbine, central control patrol room and oil depot, carefully examined the daily management situation of equipment and facility on site, reviewed the execution of work tickets and safety work handover, and inquired of related personnel about unit operation, team duty shifting, online early warning of environmental protection indicators and access control system application.



Wang also visited the central control room of Phase I and Phase II of the power plant, SEP Engineering project department and SEP Operation project department, conveyed sincere greetings to the employees sticking to their production posts, shook hands and held cordial talks with them.


After listening to the report on work safety, operation and development by Tianji Power Plant GM Hu Zhen, Wang affirmed the improvements and achievements made by the power plant and put forward a few requests.



First, continue to advance QHSE management improvement in an all-round manner, and enhance intrinsic safety level. Management should be executed exhaustively and thoroughly, with special attention paid to the quality management and HSE improvement work of shift teams, and focus on QC work and eliminating the differences of HSE management improvement among shift teams, in order to make "all flowers bloom together". Carry out work safety reward and punishment in line with the new 'Work Safety Reward and Punishment Regulation' of the company, remove weak links and vulnerable points of safety management, and realize overall safety production indeed.


Second, all levels of personnel should perform their safety duties properly, accomplish effective responsibility and information transfer without attenuation. Party members and cadres should emphasize on devotion to their work, set a good example of safety duty execution, and ensure that various levels of staff do right things and do things in a right way.


Third, strive to realize various targets and tasks for 2017 with enthusiasm and energy. Maintain a good atmosphere of focusing on safety management, implement the power supply guarantee work for the BRICS Summit to be held in Xiamen and the 19th CPC National Congress, ensure the work safety of the power plant, keep on with concerted efforts, endeavor to achieve various tasks entrusted by both shareholders and even overfulfill them. Make superiors convinced, make peers comfortable and make local residents happy.



The leaders of SEP General Office, Production Department, Safety, Quality and Environmental Protection Department and related affiliated companies participated in the inspection.

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