SEP Holds Q3 Safety Production Committee Meeting in 2017

On August 23, SEP held the Safety Production Committee Meeting for the third quarter of 2017, and the members of the company's Safety Production Committee attended the meeting, which was presided over by Wang Yundan, Party Secretary, Chairman and Director of Safety Production Committee.



Wang Yundan commented on the company's safety production work in the recent period and made related requirements. He noted that work safety has a bearing on the overall situation, and thus relies on system management, strict enforcement of safety discipline and implementation of safety regulation to lay a solid foundation before establishing a high-rise building. Therefore, the company leaders should set up a good example and lead the whole company to continue to execute the safety duties of leading cadres, and the relevant departments should improve the pertinence and effectiveness of "doing right things and doing things in a right way" by innovative measures.



Wang Huaiming, SEP President, Deputy Party Secretary and Deputy Director of Safety Production Committee, conveyed the requirements for the safety production work in the first half of 2017 and working arrangements by Work Safety Committee of the State Council, Shanghai Administration of Work Safety, SPIC and East China Energy Regulatory Bureau of National Energy Administration, reviewed and reflected on the main problems existing in the company's work safety management, and highlighted the key tasks on strengthening work safety management in the second half of the year. Deputy President Guo Baohong briefed the company's safety production work situation in H1 and the key tasks for H2. Safety, Quality and Environmental Protection Department reported the situation of QHSE work and related measures, interpreted the implementation of the new pollutant discharge permits, and also announced the adjustment of the members of Safety Production Committee.



The meeting required the company and all affiliated companies to earnestly carry out various key tasks on work safety in the next half year, and make sure to accomplish the work safety goals for 2017. Firstly, complete the work of safety inspection seriously. All the companies should finish self-examination and correction for safety inspection to the letter, while related functional departments and comprehensive support departments of the company should coordinate with them closely, enhance supervision and guidance, and cooperate with superior departments in inspection and rectification work. Secondly, implement the power supply guarantee work for the BRICS Summit to be held in Xiamen and the 19th CPC National Congress, reinforce the safety guarantee work in the major areas including engineering construction, new energy, outsourcing project safety management, flood and typhoon prevention, information safety, transportation safety and coal supply. Thirdly, consolidate the duty execution of work safety as well as the closed-loop management of patrol inspection, duty execution examination and special supervision, and urge all levels of personnel to perform their duties properly. Fourthly, advocate "doing right thing and doing things in a right way", improve the experience feedback mechanism for QHSE system and related work standard, draw inferences about other cases from one instance, and set up long-term mechanism. Fifthly, accelerate information system construction on "two tickets and three rules", etc. and enhance support capacity for work safety. Sixthly, continue to organize inspection by top leaders, fundamental safety work, QHSE improvement, outsourcing project management and other annual key tasks, pay persistent attention to work safety and strive to achieve practical results.


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